What is PRO-BOX

The new way of making protein shakes. PRO-BOX Concept

We are pioneers in sports supplement nutrition vending machine design.

PROBOX is a new vending machine concept in which every single product and brand in the market can be used.

PROBOX lacks water and draining pipes. This is our innovation compared with other machines in the market. The final user stirs the powder with water itself.

PROBOX is very easy to use. Just plug it into a socket and ready to use. There is no need to keep an expensive maintenance or clean it constantly due to its lack of water, drain pipes and waste bins. The machine is 100% committed with the environment since uses no water or plastic cups.

It is a compact and solid machine. Perfect for a desktop use or you can place it on top of the shaker dispenser.

Ideal for any gym or fitness centre providing good profits plus a huge daily training complement.

PROBOX has 4 different canisters where they are filled up with any product of any brand in the market. Choose from protein, creatine, glutamine, control diet, carbohydrates and a large etc.

Select the desiderable product on the 10” HD touch screen, select the amount, insert coins/notes, place the shaker on the tray and wait.

Basically PROBOX is a new concept of vending machine full of rewards, even its price is the best in the market.

Nueva forma de hacer batidos

No water use

PROBOX provides the supplement powder and the final user is who pours water inside and stirs it in its own shaker.

No se atasca

Never jams

No necesita limpieza

No need to clean

No hay circuito de lavado

Has no washing cycle inside

Para qué usar Pro-Box

Uses of PROBOX

when it comes to health, PROBOX comes to our mind. that is the reason why is designed for, so that anyone can have any supplement powder shake they desire.

PROBOX is designed to provide an extra service to gyms and sports centres users: this is, to complement user´s diet, help body and muscle recover after a training sessions, helps to digest complements, wether to gain muscle, loose weight, recover energy or an extra vitamin support.

Our machine pours in the exact amount of supplement powder the user needs. add water into the shaker and stir.

and more...

PROBOX has lots of advantages compared to other similar vending machines in the market, for gyms and fitness centres.

Elección del producto a usar

Choose desiderable product

Elección del precio de venta

Customize a sale price

No requiere instalación

Does not requiere instalation

Precio más competitivo del mercado

Best price in the market