Why should you choose PROBOX?


  1. No water use so there is no need for draining pipes inside.
  2. Low maintenance and no need to clean it constantly.
  3. Only machine in the market with an automatic sold out product detector.
  4. Works with every single product and brand in the market: protein, carbohydrates, L- carnitine, creatine, amino acids, isotonic, glutamine, control diet and a large etc.
  5. Never jams.
  6. Does not require of any installation at all. Just plug it into a socket and it’s ready to use.
  7. Custom set up and very easy to use.
  8. We are manufacturers with technical support service.
  9. Video shows how to use the machine.
  10. Any other videos can be uploaded.
  11. Can be set up for any country.
  12. Committed with the environment as contains no plastic or cups of any kind. The user uses its own shaker to mix.
  13. We have the best price in the market.

Commited with the environment

In Artidis we are deeply concern about the environment issues. We have developed a machine that reduces the water use up to cero and contains no plastic or cups of any kind. We try to change the “one use plastic cups” philosophy into “use your shaker again and again”.

No desecha vasos

Contains no plastic cups

Uso eficiente y ahorro de agua

Efficient and no water use



Our sports supplement nutrition vending machine can be customized in three different ways for space efficiency.

  1. Desktop config (main machine only).

Manufactured and distributed by Artidis

PROBOX vending machine is manufactured and distributed by artidis, company with 15+ years of experience in industrial, mechanic and electrionic engineering sector.

Garantía y confianza

Guarantee and trust

Precios oficiales


Soporte técnico directo

Direct technical support